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Liquid Laundry Soap - Rosemary & Lemon
Liquid Laundry Soap - Rosemary & Lemon

Liquid Laundry Soap - Rosemary & Lemon

Our eco-friendly Liquid Laundry Soap not only washes your laundry with gusto, but it also respects your clothes.

description Liquid Laundry Soap - Rosemary & Lemon

If you're anything like us, then you love your clothes! The lights, the darks, the cottons, the colors, and the wools. Our natural Liquid Laundry Soap loves your clothes, too—and takes good care of them! Whether by hand or in the machine, your clothes stay wonderfully bright and clean as a whistle.

In detail

Ultra-concentrated, this charming bottle of Liquid Laundry Soap is designed to last. You'll only need 30 ml for a 9-11 lb. load. And if you use our Laundry Ball, then you'll only need 10 ml for the same amount of clothes!

Think of fresh and sunny lemon sorbet with a hint of rosemary. That's the smell! And of course, the fragrance is made exclusively of organic essential oils.

tips for use and maintenance

  • In order to respect the environment, we recommend doing a full load of wash, using low-temperature washing cycles, and above all, following the dosage instructions taking into account the hardness of your water. 
  • Sort the laundry by color and follow the washing instructions on each item of clothing. For synthetic and delicate fabrics, only load the machine to 3/4 of its capacity (for cotton). Colors that are susceptible to running should be washed separately.
  • Hand wash: 15 ml per 2.5 gallons (10 L) of water. 
  • Dosage for a 9-11 lb. capacity machine: 1 dose = 30 ml = 1 measuring cup filled halfway.
  • We recommend using a Laundry Ball to keep your consumption to a minimum and to thereby improve your environmental impact!





33.8 fl. oz.

Warnings for use

For stubborn greasy or organic stains, we recommend applying H2O at Home Netepur soap or Oxypur stain remover first. Keep the bottle of soap away from frost and humidity.

Regulatory Warnings

CAUTION - Causes severe eye irritation. Contains d-limonene, linalool, and linalyl acetate. May cause an allergic reaction. Keep out of reach of children. Wash hands thoroughly after use.
IN CASE OF CONTACT WITH EYES: Carefully flush with water for several minutes. Whenever possible, remove contact lenses before beginning to flush. Continue to flush. If the eye irritation continues, please contact a physician. If you see a doctor, be sure to bring the container or label.