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Ultrasonic Diffuser Bundle
Ultrasonic Diffuser Bundle

Ultrasonic Diffuser Bundle

Buy the Ultrasonic Diffuser and get a Relax Synergy and a Clarifying Synergy for free! (Save $48!)

description Ultrasonic Diffuser Bundle


A little water and a few drops of Home Fragrance Essences (Elements) or Synergies can be used to perfume up to 1,076 sqare feet. The high-end technology ensures a healthy, cold, and silent diffusion.

Height 7" / Weight 1.15 lb. / Plug-in

100V / 240V Power 10 W / 2.4 MHz


Give your body the boost it needs to soothe your stress and improve the

quality of your sleep. The relaxing virtues of five organic essential oils—bergamot, sweet orange, petitgrain bigarade, true lavender, and lemon balm—are combined to help you unwind.

100% from natural origin - 100% organic

0.34 fl. oz.


This synergy of four essential oils is designed to rid your home of bad odors. From the fridge to the trash can, and everything in between, it leaves a trail of lemony freshness wherever it goes.

This cocktail of handpicked essential oils—lemon, thyme linalool, lemongrass, and saro—originates from the most favorable regions for cultivating the virtues of Mother Nature.

100% from natural origin - 90% organic

0.5 fl. oz.

*Reference precautions before use. Essential oils are not recommended for use by women who are pregnant. Do not use near infants or babies under the age of 3.




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